Work Study & Summer Service

Work Study Program

As part of the overall Joshua program we include a work study portion that all students are required to participate in throughout the year that not only offsets the program cost but is also designed to train and build a positive work ethic.    Part of the Joshua program has been to work at Hume Lake on the weekends and summer to gain valuable skills and develop discipline and work ethic. This continues under the work study program and will directly offset the student’s program fees, contributing $4700 to program costs for each student.  This is already calculated into the overall payment schedule and should not be considered an extra way to pay off the monthly or out of pocket costs of the program.  In the basic sense Hume Lake offsets $4700 per student that they work off while they attend Joshua.   This lowers the upfront out of pocket costs making the program more affordable from the start.   Students will also receive a $50 stipend each month for incidentals, and all other basic costs of living in the building and on trips are taken care of.

Summer Service Practicum

The 12 month Joshua Wilderness Institute program includes 9 months of traditional classroom education and work study finishing with 3 months of summer service practicum (this is also a part of the work study program). After completing the traditional Joshua program, which runs September to May, students will have a short break, then return to Hume to put what they’ve learned into action. Students will move down to main camp and work as Hume Lake summer staff with the intention of putting into practice the skills that they have developed over the year in their Ministry Skills and other classes. Learning to build community, start Bible studies, resolve conflict and lead their peers, with the Joshua staff available as resources, will prepare them as they move on to college and other real life situations. Students will also have the ability to enroll with our partnering colleges and complete the Work Ministry Internship requirements that some colleges have, earning up to six units depending on the school.