Cost & Payment Schedule

Joshua Wilderness Institute

2017 – 2018 Class

Program Cost

All Inclusive Program Cost1


Refundable Deposit2


Prepaid Allowance3


Work Study Credit


Total Payments



Deposit and Payments


 Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable)

$600 – Due May 15, 2017

 Attendance Guarantee (refundable if spot is filled)

$4,500 – Due July 15, 2017


First Monthly payment

$1,000 – Due September 9,  2017 (Move-in Day)

Monthly Installment Payments4

$1,000 – Due 15th of each month October thru April 2018

$1,000 – Last payment due May 12, 2018 (Move-out Day)

The Fine Print

1 Includes room and board, program and travel costs

2 Fully refundable upon successful completion of the program and Summer Service Practicum (June thru August)

3 Returned to the student as a monthly allowance over ten months.

4 Automatic monthly payment options available

***Early departure from the program may result in additional fees being assessed.

All payments made according to the above schedule are non-refundable