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T-Minus Four Days!

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Joshua students! Yesterday we placed the door tags on each of your rooms and today we are getting the carpet deep cleaned – we’ve had some friends of the forest that have left some tracks in the building while we were gone! We are working hard to get everything back in order for you all. […]


Joshua Preview Days


If you’re considering attending Joshua, participating in one of the Preview Days is your best chance to get in. Not only do you get to stay in a dorm with current students and ask them questions, you’ll attend classes with them, participate in activities, hear the evening speaker and experience authentic Joshua life. Also, it gives the staff a great chance to get to know you and see how you’ll do in the Joshua environment.


Joshua Graduation


Hey friends and family its crazy to think that graduation is just a few weeks away. We know that many of you need to start planning so here are a few details to help you get ready. Joshua graduation will be from 2-4pm on Saturday August 13th in the Ponderosa chapel


Merry Christmas

Hello friends and family, I hope that this Christmas season finds you well and enjoying being together with your loved ones.   We count it a privilege and a blessing to be able to journey with your students through their time at the Joshua Wilderness Institute and have enjoyed getting to know each of them personally.  […]


All-You-Can-Eat Fish Tacos and Bay-View Bonfires in Ensenada


Hola Familia y Amigos! Saludos de Ensenada! (For those who need a little translating; Hi Friends and Familiy! Greetings from Ensenada!) After a long, hard three days of work, the Joshua Wilderness Crew took a free day in the bustling port city of Ensenada. The day started out with a much-needed sleep in day and […]


FALLing Into Winter

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Hey Guys! Greetings from the North Pole…oh, um, we mean Hume Lake. October up here has brought us many a goose bump and the smell of carved pumpkins is in the air. This past Thursday was another fantastic pause night! Some families carved the ever-traditional pumpkin with silly faces, animal impressions, and some things that […]


“How Long Have You Known Me?”

What an eye opening week. Dewey Bertolini is our Speaker for Week 7 and what a refreshing friend he has become for us. Dewey brought to light who Jesus really is and how the world looked upon Him then and now. He used other people in Jesus’ life to describe the impact Jesus had on […]


Dewey Week

Hey all! It’s Tannisse, India, Elias, and Scott. We’re starting a new week after a four-day weekend. We went home early from Hartland on Thursday so that some of us could start work a day earlier than usual.  Which was especially long for those who worked kitchen and host, those select few, had to work […]


Mike Bogart, Mere Christianity, and Candied Bacon


Hey everyone! It’s Zach, Shelby, Catherine, and Sam! It’s been another standard week here at Joshua. Some of the highlights: our catalyst couple made us candied bacon, which is essentially bacon coated in a mixture of brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and paprika and is pretty much the greatest bacon concoction you could ever eat. Our […]


Disneyland Theme Dinner


Hi mom and dad! And others if you’re out there… It’s Meg, Julia, Mason, and Steven again! We are going to tell you about what we’ve been up to in the past couple days. This week has been class after class. We are learning a ton about how to study the bible better, look into […]


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