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Week One!


Howdy y’all from Desire, Emily, Jake and Benjamin! Life in the Joshua Lodge continues to be magnificent! We attended our first Theology, and Old Testament class. At first it was evident that many people were nervous and exited about our first classes. Once the professor Corry Fen walked in the mood was completely changed because […]


Getting to Know Our New Family


Hello friends and family! This is Mason, Steven, Meg, and Julia from room 211 and 201! We are having a blast getting to know our Joshua family. Move in day was awkward because we didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what to do with all the new people in our lives, but later on that […]


Move In Day


It’s hard to believe but today we kicked off the 2014 – 2015 Joshua year.   With over 700 graduates and fourteen preceding classes, they begin their journey with “Move In Day” just like all those before them.   This morning 56 new students and their families arrived to begin the process of moving in, meeting staff, […]


Updated Mobile Site


Hi loyal followers! We have been doing our best to improve our website and blog to make following your students more enjoyable and accessible. We are pleased to announce our updated mobile site! At the end of the month we will no longer support our mobile app. Please check out this video to find out […]


Christmas Break!


Hey friends and family! If they haven’t already, your favorite Joshua students should be arriving home very soon. We are very excited they are able to spend time with you and to let you in on the lessons they’ve been learning as well as some fun adventures they’ve experienced. Please ask them to share these […]


Back from Break!


Hey it’s Sean! This week started off with our first official day back at Joshua after Thanksgiving break. How did we choose to celebrate you may ask? By decorating the building for Christmas! It was such an amazing thing getting to help ring in the new holiday by getting creative with my Joshua family on […]


Snowballs Show Jesus’ Love

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Hey, it’s Naomi! So this past week has been filled with snowball fights, sledding, and snowmen. Needless to say, we got our first real snow! It may have only snowed for one day, but it made for a great rest of the week. Hume completely changes once it’s covered in a thin, white layer of […]


Always Learning and Having Fun

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Wow! This week has been overwhelming, but a blessing in disguise. From balancing homework to hanging out with everyone and work as well as class, the community has learned time management and the art of procrastination. This certain art didn’t really come in handy as we had to complete our first paper. Luckily, after many […]


Jonah, Sweeps and World Religions


This week was our first “real” week in the building. We had a full schedule of classes and started our sweeps. We got our first big assignment, a synthesis paper on the book of Jonah. We are all scrambled like eggs around the building trying to find a quiet spot to do our work. Most […]


Pause and 1500 Cookies!

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This weekend was great! Thursday we got to hang out with our pause families again! We are all beginning to grow so much closer to them; it’s the best feeling to have a family to hang out with while we are all missing our own. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal […]


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