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Quilts, Quilts, Quilts


After returning from our trip to Israel, we have had the privilege of having Todd Morehead as our speaker. He is a surfer/film maker who works for Walking on Water Ministries! From a young age, he has had a heart for Israel, and he is using his passion for surfing as a gateway to sharing […]


Back in the Building!


Well here we are, nearly seven months after we started Joshua, with less than two weeks left in the building. We have been dealing with some jet lag from Israel, but that has been helpful in getting us up early. We got to have the weekend off, to rest and work on homework. Since it […]


All the Things before We Leave the Building – Today!


Hello people at home, reporting live from Joshua with some exciting news, we leave for Israel in less than 24 hours! Preparations include studying for Philippians, packing for our adventure to the Holy Land, and just relaxing in the sun that has decided to come out to warm us up right before we leave. Rich […]


Joshua Graduation


Hey friends and family its crazy to think that graduation is just a few weeks away. We know that many of you need to start planning so here are a few details to help you get ready. Joshua graduation will be from 2-4pm on Saturday August 13th in the Ponderosa chapel


The Journey Thus Far

The Journey Thus Far-1

Baylie, Lindsey, Danny, Chris Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in the mountains of Hume Lake, there lived a group of young people who were preparing to go on a long journey to a land farther away called Israel. The preparation for this endeavor has been long and tedious, never ceasing […]


Pine Needles for Dayz

Pine Needles for Dayz-1

Courtney here! The past two days most of us have been out and about raking pine needles for 30 of the cabins which are scattered on the hill leading down to main camp. They have been raking to fundraise for our Israel trip. However, four lucky ladies (Aneesha, Lindsey, Madison, and I) were chosen by […]


Back from Break!


Hey Nikki and Keelin here! So we’re back from break. Most of us got to go home and experience some much-needed family time. It was really good, even for the people that didn’t go home, just to get off the hill and recharge for this last month and a half stretch we have left before […]


Joshua Reunion


So, when Rich and I started talking about throwing an all class JWI reunion for our “last hurrah”, it was a fun idea. I thought it would be fun to see people from my former classes and catch up (and it WAS! So fun!). I had no clue how impacting it would be on my […]


Matthew, Gavin, David and Malcolm


This week has been an awesome week for Joshua. Vaulting the trial of our third Philippians test over the weekend (which most of us passed), we have enjoyed a slightly more relaxed week in expectation of coming home over Easter Break. Plans have been made, and we are all looking forward to pushing through these […]


From the Greatest Roommate Pairs Ya Ever Did See


Blood. Sweat. Tears. Lack of sleep. That’s right boys, girls, and parents of sleep-deprived students, it is that time of year again: Philippians memorization. For most of us, to the surprise of pretty much everyone, we passed the exam with flying colors. From last minute memorization (not recommended) to weeks of tedious effort (recommended), the […]


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