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Mexico – Day 1


Hello friends and family! As you know, we made it safely to Mexico!! We had a great trip down. On Sunday we left around 9:30 and drove straight to Bakersfield for lunch. We stopped at a center that had In-N-Out, Panda Express, Starbucks, and a couple of other places. It seemed like we all dispersed […]


The World of Sports

The World of Sports-1

Shalom from Austin, Chris H, Lucas, and Danny. So far the year has been great and we are learning so much about the Lord and ourselves. Today went along as normal as we said goodbye to our weekly speaker. He gave us great advice about communication in relationships and conflict resolution. We also started paper […]


Philippians Test #1


Hello all! There have been some exciting times at Joshua these past few days! Everyone got back to work this weekend. We are all learning a lot in different areas of work, and we are learning what it means to serve with joyful hearts. Those of us who worked in program had the opportunity to […]



Caleb look here-1

Shalom, Hello parents! Ashley, David, Malcolm, and Serena here. This week our speaker taught on finances. Although we are only making $50 per month right now, it was great to learn how to wisely budget and steward our money. We are also getting ready for our first Philippians test, I think a majority of us […]


The First Snow of the Season

First snow-2

     Hey guys! This is your blog update from Natalie, Emily, Krissy, and Mimi! This past weekend some of us had the opportunity to be trained as high adventure guides. We learned how to tie knots in order to safely belay another person, how to safely guide campers through a ropes course, as well […]


Breaking Down Walls and Opposite Night

Opposite Night-2

Today was our last day hearing from our speaker, Jerrod Rumley. I really enjoyed hearing from him every day. His messages gave me a lot of clarity on things I have been personally dealing with. After having the speaker this morning, I did the ropes course which wasn’t particularly challenging for me, but I really […]


High Adventure


Courtney, Emma, Erica, Madison Today, we all participated in the high ropes course. We all have different stories about the day filled with team building and fear. The high ropes course was extremely frightening at first. It was a lot of fun though. Looking back on it I have realized that a lot of the […]


Etiquette Dinner and Rain!

Etiquette Blog

Today we have had the wonderful opportunity to hear from an amazing speaker one last time. Craig Hill has been going through with us the book of psalms, as well as how within the book of psalms it goes through season of orientation. We ended our discussion on the idea of new orientation and what […]


A New Beginning

Move-In Day Edits 2015

Today is the fourth day of being here in Hume Lake, but really today marks day one. We finally ended long orientation meetings and began digging into the scripture. The classes we have taken so far have been an Israel prep class as well as Old Testament survey. Rich is so knowledgeable when it comes […]


Move In Day

Move-In Day Edits 2015

Joshua Move In Day has finally arrived. It’s been an event in the making due to the Rough Fire that burned over 150,000 acres and caused Hume Lake to be evacuated. After postponing the start of Joshua by a month students and family’s were finally able to move in and get situated. At 9 am […]


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