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Back from Break!


Hey Nikki and Keelin here! So we’re back from break. Most of us got to go home and experience some much-needed family time. It was really good, even for the people that didn’t go home, just to get off the hill and recharge for this last month and a half stretch we have left before […]


Joshua Reunion


So, when Rich and I started talking about throwing an all class JWI reunion for our “last hurrah”, it was a fun idea. I thought it would be fun to see people from my former classes and catch up (and it WAS! So fun!). I had no clue how impacting it would be on my […]


Matthew, Gavin, David and Malcolm


This week has been an awesome week for Joshua. Vaulting the trial of our third Philippians test over the weekend (which most of us passed), we have enjoyed a slightly more relaxed week in expectation of coming home over Easter Break. Plans have been made, and we are all looking forward to pushing through these […]


From the Greatest Roommate Pairs Ya Ever Did See


Blood. Sweat. Tears. Lack of sleep. That’s right boys, girls, and parents of sleep-deprived students, it is that time of year again: Philippians memorization. For most of us, to the surprise of pretty much everyone, we passed the exam with flying colors. From last minute memorization (not recommended) to weeks of tedious effort (recommended), the […]


Learning to Rest and Preparing for Philippians


Pause night!!! Pause night is always something I look forward to all day long. Tonight was an especially fun pause night because my Pause family, along with many others, had the opportunity to watch the 4th annual Hume Variety Show, basically a talent show without the competition aspect. There were performers of all ages, which […]


Back in the Building


Time here feels like it’s flying by, we only have about 38 more days in the building, and it feels like just yesterday we started this year. I don’t know where the time went. It was such a weird feeling to coming from back L.A. and realized that the next big trip we have is […]


Prepping for L.A. with Lem


Nolan: Our speaker this week was Lem Usita, an upper level professor at San Diego Christian College. The first night was just an introduction to himself and his style of teaching. The second night was different but interesting. Lem had us sit in a circle for the night instead of our usual forward facing speaker […]


The End of Winter?


Winter is almost over, the sun is out and the snow is melting. Slowly the temperature is rising to a recognizable 70 degree mean. People are thinking about wearing shorts again. The thought floats in the back of everyone’s mind (save those were it does not). So in the continuation of the Joshua fund-raising tradition […]


Our Full, Fun, and Fantastic Week


This week has been amazing! We have had an amazing speaker P.J. Lewis and his wife Sheri. They shared with us on relationships and our relationship with the Lord. They made us treats during the day, one was an orange peach cake that was very moist, another was some killer brownies that were layered with […]


Update from HLH (Hannah, Lindsey, Holly)


Hannah Dueck, Lindsey Pent, and Holly Black Tuesday February 16, 2016 This weekend was awesome. This weekend was the second weekend of the second month of the year, which is February if you didn’t know. Lindsey worked in the bakery, making all the delicious goodies that everyone wants to eat all the time even though […]


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