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Pause and 1500 Cookies!

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This weekend was great! Thursday we got to hang out with our pause families again! We are all beginning to grow so much closer to them; it’s the best feeling to have a family to hang out with while we are all missing our own. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal […]


Identity, Culture and Becoming Family

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This has been an awesome week in more ways than one! We have had great classes about how to study the Bible, Creationism vs. Evolution, and a wonderfully magnetic speaker telling us what to expect from other cultures we will soon be visiting and how to find our identity in Christ. Our catalyst couple, Gayleen […]


Ropes! Burgers! Hail?


This past weekend we had people working all around camp! Our brothers and sisters worked in areas like High Adventure, Pondy Kitchen, Snack shop, Maintenance, Support Services, and Activities for the couple’s retreat. We had a lot of interactions with all the couples when it came to renting out a boat, serving and preparing meals, […]


Etiquette Dinner


To kick off the year, one of our first themed dinners was actually an Etiquette Dinner. Though it sounds boring by the name, it was amazing! Not only was the dining hall completely decked out with “French Countryside” decor: flowers, French music, French food like beef bourguignon and even a slideshow of paintings by French artists, but […]


Becoming Very Well-Rounded!


We are just two days short of our first full week here at the Joshua Wilderness Institute, and though we are still in the process of settling in, the community that has begun to form is already phenomenal. Through preparing meals, climbing trees, praying with our pinkies, and just enjoying time together, some awesome friendships […]


High Adventure Training

High Adventure Training

At Joshua we encourage a strong work ethic and want to provide our students with various opportunities to learn new skills. This week they are becoming certified High Adventure guides in Hume’s high ropes course. – Joshua Staff


First Student Blog: Settling In and Training


Hey everyone, welcome to our first blog. We’re really excited to share this amazing spiritual journey that we will be going on this year. So far this week we have started the year off by meeting new people and going over our new schedule for the year. We have immediately been pulled into the swing of […]


Move-in Day


Move-in Day was a success! Thank you to all the friends and family members who helped move up what seemed to be an unending stream of boxes. Students filled out paperwork, signed up for trips and spent some time getting to know their new classmates. When asked, they are most looking forward to growing together […]


Joshua Move-in Day is Tomorrow


It’s hard to believe that another year has finished and 56 new students will be arriving shortly to become the 14th JWI Class.   In less than 11 months these individuals will have forged new friendships, traveled the world and experienced God through different cultures, people and circumstances.   We as a staff are excited and look forward […]


When Joshua Ends it Begins

joshua 2012-2013

What a great year we have had at Joshua and we as a staff are very proud of the this years graduates.   Our prayer is that God will use all the different aspects of Joshua to continue to shape and mold this years class.   A phrase we say often at Joshua is “Joshua […]


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