Time Flies

Wow! Whatta week guys. Time is counting down here in the Joshua building, and we are all anxious to see what it will be like to be thrown back out into the world. Of course, our priority right now is to be present in the time we have left, because we will never have an opportunity like this again. We have grown so close as a class and wish to cherish our last moments together.

We were sad to see our speaker for this week, and OUR LAST SPEAKER EVER, give their last message this morning. It has been an incredible week hearing from Mike and Susan, and many of us plan to stay in contact with them. Their knowledge and insight on relational health and personal care are fascinating, and have been a treat to get to listen to. We thank them.

This weekend will be our last work weekend, and it feels surreal. We have been working around camp all year, and the next 3 days will be our last chance to work outside of our department this year, except for that week after May break actually. I forgot about that. Oh well, it’s our last work weekend while living in the building.

Tonight we had our last theme dinner which was wild. We had Oscar night! We dressed up real nice and fancy, which we have gotten pretty good at, and had a nice fancy dinner. We then went and received lots of different awards, including “Most likely to order Uber Eats”, and “Most likely to own a hearse”, among many more.

I remember earlier in the year, looking through last years end of the year blogs, and feeling very excited, and now here I am writing one. Wow, wild times huh? Yah, well, we appreciate you guys reading them, and Mom I miss ya, and I will see you in a week-ish. We love you guys.




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