Passed Phillipians!

We did it! Philippians is over! It has been so cool to study the Word, as difficult as it was for a lot of us. We now can say we know it and we had to prove it on our written final. We had to answer questions relating quotations from Philippians to our current culture. This shows what all the hard work was for, to know it in our hearts and be able to use it.  We have a few students left in Philippians club and we are encouraging them to finish soon.  This week is still going to be stressful.  Tomorrow is our Israel final.  We’re all running to study and reviewing the study sheet that Rachel has given us.  On Friday we have our Pauline Epistles final and our is paper due.  This week is just ramping up and were not done yet.  We are all eager to finish these two weeks and to head on break.  Summer is coming and we can feel it coming in the weather. Most of us are ready to dive into our summer jobs and begin doing the Lord’s work at Hume.  This Thursday night is our final theme dinner and the theme is Oscars.  I’m sure that everyone is going to show up in their finest Oscar-worthy attire.  This week we have Mike and Susan Lenard as our speaker and catalyst couple. They came all the way from Maui.  So far they have started to discuss the topic of addiction and how to work through that.  During the Grill, they mentioned how they didn’t necessarily come having a specific topic to talk about.  They were honest in saying that they really just wanted to see where we were at this time in our year.  Because of that they asked us what we would like them to talk to us about.  A lot of us have mentioned how we are fearful of the future, what will happen after Joshua has finished.  I think most of us are excited, and slightly nervous, about the rest of this week.  It will be good for us.  This week we are also beginning our class quilt. These quilts are displayed in the building and carry on each classes legacy. We each have been assigned to a memory from our year and we are in the process of designing them so our awesome quilt artist, Beth, can put it all together. 



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