End of the Year!

It’s the end of our time in the Joshua building! It has been a hectic week for sure. We have been dedicating a lot of our time and effort into our quilt making process. We’re so close to being done! Beth has been so incredible helping all of us make each square unique. Here’s some thoughts on the quilt:

“Our quilt is gonna be better than any other year” – Josiah

“It has been highly emotional reminiscing on our year at Joshua through making quilt squares” -Rachel C

“I haven’t finished my quilt patch yet… still working on that. It’s fun, quilt patching is great… yeah. I’m all packed. My room looks really empty, it’s depressing. I’m gonna go home for a couple days and then come back to the mountains for the rest of break. It’s gonna be great.” -Runge

“Hectic but fun” -Jill

“I don’t talk to journalists” – Jackson

The other half of our time has been spent with our last bit of academics! We took our final test in Pauline Epistles and had Israel final retakes. Goodbyes were said to Kevin Hibbs and Jason King has they taught us our last classes in Theology and Old Testament. I think most can attest that it’s been quite stressful, especially trying to get everything packed and cleaned up in time. Many of us are ready to go home and take a break.

“I feel like I should’ve been more prepared. SKATANDA” -Ray

“Wow it’s a beautiful day… sure wish I could go walk around the lake” -Tessa

“I’m ready to go home” -Angela

“Wanna get on the course” -Sean

“I plead the 5th” – Nathan

“I ran from the journalist when she asked for my statement. I have nothing to declare except that I am tired and want to go home. And yes, I stole that from Bard in the second hobbit movie (also I got bangs)” -Clara

“Sean has more stuff than Brittney and I combined” -Cori

*shrugs* -Rhody

With the end approaching, it’s normal to feel a lot of emotions. Many of us are sad to go, we’ve grown attached to this building. We have been saying goodbye to our classes, Pause families, building adventures, and the place many of us can call home. The staff presented us with a good opportunity to go down memory lane, and we all shared special and fun memories from this year. The memories we’ve made here will last a lifetime.

“Excited for a break and to be refreshed and renewed by seeing family and having a break from Joshua life. But it’s bittersweet because I love this place but I’m excited to see what God is gonna do” – Alyssa

“I’m soaking in my last few moments with you beautiful people” -Rachel Savage

“Sad. I feel very sad. Trying to get on good terms with myself and friends before leaving the building and finding out how to be in good terms after Joshua.” -Zach

“I cried into my oatmeal this morning” – Priscilla

“It’s been a long, emotional week but I thank God for the past 8 months I’ve had here.” – Jeremiah

“It’s been enjoyable reminiscing about the things that have happened in this building. The reminiscing comes from packing and quilt making and taking our walk around memory lane.” -Siera

“It’s my wedding week and the last week of students living in the Joshua building. It’s a lot of emotions for me personally with it being the closing of a chapter. It’s so exciting and change is good and I’m excited to see what God does in all our lives this summer. I think it’s gonna be a good summer.” – Amy

“Excited and sad at the same time. Ending of the year, going on in life. Ready to conquer the land!” -Sarena

“Emotions everywhere, I will miss them all. Boom” -Seth

“I will miss my babies” -Courtney

“Best year ever” – Tucker

“I mean, it’s whatever man” – Ervin

“I am so sad to see everyone go. I’m going to be a sappy mess for the next 46 hours” -Sam

“This week has definitely been hard. It’s crazy to think that we’re gonna be leaving soon. It has been a great year and I’m excited for the summer.” -Tori

“Last blog! Holy moly! We’re all packing away the last 9 months of our lives for the next 3 months of our lives. Leaving our legacy to create a new one for the summer” -Cameron

“Lines have been crossed, battles have been won, and we are into the next stage of Joshua” – Zoey

“Just like the best chocolate, this year has been a sweet” -Taylor

Finally tonight we celebrated our last Pause event.  All of our Pause families flooded into the building and the staff served us this amazing tri-tip meal cooked by our very own soon to be Amy Howell.  All of us enjoyed reminiscing about this year with our families.  As a class we’ve experienced so many new things with these families.  Following the meal most of the families headed outside to take some photos with our amazing Joshua view.  Most of the students headed out with their pause families to go back to their houses.  Some hung out at their house and some sat around a fire pit.  All in all the night was amazing, and it will definitely be a cherished memory for all of us. 

To all reading this blog: Thank you for following our journey. We have had a year we will never forget. God has done so many amazing things, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for us this summer.

And when Joshua ends, it begins.

Written by Heather Trivanovich and Ethan Chesney


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