Pine Needle Raking!

Pine needle raking this week has been amazing. We raked 58 lots in the subdivision of Hume Lake for the last three days.  We worked very hard to get all of the lots finished this morning. We ended needle raking up at the Joshua building. We cleaned around the building and made it look great. One of the things we did to clean up the building was take down a large raven’s nest that had been made up near the top of the balcony. It took a long jerry rig pole and five people to clean the nest up. GIRL POWER!! A few of those wanting to gain more hours of work to pay off our loans faster walked down to Ponderosa kitchen this afternoon to get in a few hours of work. There are others who will be working a few hours tomorrow and the next day as well. After working hard this afternoon we switched gears and transported to 2078. We were entertained greatly when everyone dressed up as elderly folks attending a 60-year reunion for JWI class of 2017-2018.  Multiple people donned wedding rings and were accompanied by their “spouse” from our Joshua year: Sean and Tori, Jill and Josiah, and Melissa and Jackson. We took photos and invented epic things that we had accomplished in our lives.  The night ended with Bingo and the winner of Bingo won Magnum Bars in Israel from our staff.  We are all on the edge of our seats as we anticipate the incredible experience that we will soon have in the land where Jesus walked: Israel.  This weekend we will rest, relax, and prepare for our next exciting trip. 

–  Written by Tessa


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