Israel Day 9 – From Jerusalem to Bethlehem

Hi, we are in Israel and today was a good day. Sadly this morning we did not get to sleep in and so we got up at 6:15 and we went to breakfast. After breakfast we had a devotional that was lead by Amy. Since it was the Memorial of all the fallen soldiers of the Israel army, Amy talked about remembering the things that God has done for us. After that we hopped on the bus and traversed our way to the Temple Mount. It was a cool site and we had to be extra modest for the Temple Mount because the rules are strict and they only allow certain types of clothes on the Mount. It was huge place and it was super holy. We got to see the Dome of the Rock and it was an octagon. It was built in the 600’s and has a rock in it that the prophet Mohomad supposedly ascended to heaven off of.

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