Getting back into the routine

Clara- We’re home from Israel! After spending the night in Bakersfield we made it safely back to Hume from LAX. Then we did the usual van cleaning that we do after every trip. After that everyone was just trying to stay up to 8 pm so we could get back to California time schedule. Some people went to bed at 7 and some people went to sleep at 8 then woke up at midnight to see the meteor shower which was cool and slightly underwhelming. We ate pop-tarts and laid in sleeping bags looking up at the stars. On Sunday we had a huge family breakfast together by pushing all the tables together and eating bagels and coffee. The rest of the day consisted of people unpacking and getting settled in. Curfew is still at 9 and quiet hours is at 8 to help us adjust back to California time. On Monday we didn’t have any required activities until lunch time, so most people slept in. After lunch we had study hall, followed by dinner and then met our new speaker for this week Jim Cook. He talked about the book of Isaiah and the prophetic evidence of our faith. He grew up in India and had so many stories of the jungle life there. Plus he had a pet tiger when he was younger so that was cool. Tuesday we had a regular schedule and had breakfast at 7, devos at 7:30, then class at 9. Apparently we have a test in Pauline Epistles on Friday so that’s pretty cool. We also have an essay and a final next week in that class. We have our Philippians test Monday and a book has to be read by Wednesday. We also have our Israel final next Wednesday. Most of us are very sick and we have a very busy schedule. Stay tuned for the next adventures of the Joshuaites.

Melissa Bohan and Clara Roberts


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