Teachings on Song of Solomon

It’s been fun getting to know the preview students this week! The seven that were here made a great addition to our class and book discussions. Two of the previews flew here all the way from Hawaii just to glimpse our life here at Joshua. We have all enjoyed playing games with them like Catan, playing piano together, and letting them sing with us on the worship team. They weren’t afraid to raise their hands to volunteer or ask questions during our classes and really showed us their dedication.

On Wednesday, we had our first book discussion on The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton. We all shared our opinions on what worship is and what it should be. Most of us agree that worship is any act that glorifies God in our day to day life, and doesn’t necessarily only have to be singing in church. Our hearts desire to find a way to help the church to “wake up” to the realization of what God intended worship to be. Many of us have been hurt or discouraged by the church in some way, but that should make us only want to help the church more.

Brad Bell has been teaching on the book, Song of Solomon, in order to show us what a Godly dating relationship and marriage should be. He walked through the book chapter by chapter to discuss dating/the intention of dating, courting, sex, and marriage. We received good advice such as we should date in public and in groups so that a couple doesn’t fall into temptation, let a boy be a man, remove all ambiguity from a relationship and have good communication, and don’t let unresolved conflict go. It’s probably safe to say that most of us had never been taught those topics in this light, and we all appreciate Brad’s openness to speak to us.

Last but not least we are so happy for our fellow classmates who tested out of Philippians chapter 3!! We know how difficult and discouraging it was for them and are so happy they pushed through.

Written by Heather with Sarena and Ethan


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