Spring Break!

You gotta love this program! This week we had tests, a new speaker, and a great catalyst couple we love being around. We had two tests, one for our Pauline Epistles class taught by the one and only Wagon Master Chip and the other for our Ancient Israel class taught by Rachel Savage, the assistant director. These classes are both great and are getting us even more excited for our Israel trip!

When we’re in Israel, we are gonna tour the whole country and visit a ton of sites we’ve been studying in those classes. This last week we got some sweet Osprey day packs for our trip. We’re all really excited to head to Israel in a couple weeks.

Spring Break begins tomorrow! We get almost a two week break before we head Israel. A lot of us are heading home and those of us in central and southern California and are gonna enjoy hikes, backpacking, and the beach! It’s been raining at Hume for about four days straight now and it’s really nice. Winter came a little late this year and while it’s warming up in other places we’ve got snow in the forecast!

Our speaker this week was Craig Hill, he’s on the Hume Lake board of directors and has been coming to Joshua to speak for a while. This week his sessions were in the Psalms. He taught on different aspects of our faith and went through Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation. In the Psalms the writers have no reservations when they bring themselves before God, especially in times of Disorientation. They question God and what He’s doing in their life.

I think Craig’s point was that wherever we are we need to be honest and bring ourselves before God in every situation. People in our class are all in different parts of the spectrum and as a body I’d say we are in disorientation. We have some things to work on in our class but we live and die as a class and we receive reward and consequences as a class. I’ve seen God working a lot lately in the body of our class and pray He continues to grow us and reveal to us what He has brought us here for in the moments life is hard. We are always learning and growing here.

We have found a lot of ways to enjoy life with constant rain. Some of that involves embracing the rain and still going out side while others have played lots of games indoors like munchkin, cribbage, etc.

We are really excited for Spring Break and soon our tour in Israel! Please keep us in your prayers and thank for reading!

~Josh Runge!


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