Prepping for Israel!

We’ve been loving winter! This past weekend we experienced the beauty of Hume covered in a blanket of snow. We feel like we stepped into a winter wonderland, even though it’s march! It’s crazy that we only have a couple work weekends left in the year. The Joshua building is buzzing with excitement as we prepare for Israel. Yesterday Bob surprised us with brand new Osprey backpacks, ID batches, and all the things for Israel. We can’t believe in two weeks we will be flying across the world to walk where Jesus walked! To prepare for the trip we had a test on various maps of modern Israel, the layout of the temple, the mountains and valleys we will hike through, and other geographical locations. And of course, we reviewed basic Hebrew (we are all praying we won’t forget it!). Other than Israel, all of us are stoked to head home for spring break. I think we will all feel refreshed and ready for our next great adventure. Right after spring break we are raking pine needles to raise money for the Joshua program. And then, we LEAVE FOR ISRAEL. Other than that, not too much to report! All is well and we appreciate all the prayers. See you soon!

Written by Alyssa Dingwall and Cheyenne Houghtby


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