Back into the routine

What a busy week its been since coming back from Los Angeles! When we arrived back to the building on Saturday afternoon Hume was covered in snow. Our poor Joshua building was snowed in! We spent some time unburying the building because of how much it snowed while we were gone. Some students also stayed out later to continue help shoveling and many even played in the snow for quite some time! A lot of us had a snowball fight and even proceeded to build snow forts! The snow has been one of the most exciting things that’s happened during our time at Joshua. We’re all so excited that it finally feels like winter! The downside of it is that walking up and down the icy hill isn’t always fun! On Sunday the building was pretty quite. Most of us got caught up on doing laundry, unpacking, processing through what we learned in Los Angeles, and resting. We were also all getting ready for our test on Philippians chapter 3 that was scheduled for Monday.

There has been no time wasted to integrate us back into the normal routine of the Joshua life. With week in reviews to write, chores to do, studying to catch up on, and everything in between we’ve been very busy. On Monday we all recited Philippians chapter 3 to a staff member. For those who were unable to recite Philippians they are in Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club meets every morning at 6am where students have to spend an hour studying Philippians. For our Joshua siblings who didn’t pass Philippians, they are a little discouraged. We continue to encourage those who didn’t pass and help them in their studies.

Our speaker this week is Brad Bell who is the pastor at the Well Church in Fresno. He came and spoke to us right after we read his book in September. The last time we heard from him was when we went to Wildwood! That was so long ago and so many of us have changed in so many ways. This week Brad is talking on relationships, dating, marriage, and sex. He brings a lot of light on the subjects because of the past that he has and how God has brought his story to light.

We also have a group of preview students coming this week to witness what life is like here at Joshua. Unfortunately, a sickness is spreading through the building and many students have the sniffles and a cough! We’re hoping that everyone starts to feel better soon. Overall, we’re still trying to get back into the routine of the Joshua schedule, catch up on rest, and absorb all the information we are learning.    

Written by Emilie, Kendall, Nathan, and Ervin


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