Working on Unity

Hey Everybody! From Shiloh and Josh! The blog this week is probably gonna be a bit short. Anyway, we got back from the Dominican Republic last Saturday after 24 hours of bus rides, a delayed flight and almost missing another flight. We are finally back in the building, and after a couple days of rest we are right back in the swing of things. We’ve had classes as normal and tomorrow we have our Hermeneutics final paper due!

The Dominican Republic was a great experience for us all. As a class we were very unified and really grew together. We continued to have devos and went through the book of James. James has a ton of wisdom and really convicted me and spoke into my life. The mornings were amazing watching the sunrise from our base in the mountains of Jarabacoa.

Life in the building has been great since the D.R. We had an amazing catalyst couple this week, Tom is a doctor and Cindy is an RN. They were really great and offered a lot of help and wisdom to us. Our speaker this week was Trent Lewis from Arbor Road church in Long Beach, He was a great teacher and had a lot to say about the church and taught us about having unity in our class. The staff noticed how unified we were as a class during our time in the Dominican, but Trent said he hasn’t seen that especially in the building. So in order to encourage unity, today at the end of our last session, we all got in a circle and affirmed one another. The first person started with a ball of yarn, held the end, threw it to another person, and told them something he appreciated about that person. We ended with a net of yarn through the entire room, and he challenged us to continue building on it, to continue affirming the people in our community, most especially those we don’t know particularly well.

This coming week we have Previews! Please be praying that God would work in the hearts of the students He has called to come to the program this year and really affirm in their hearts the call to this program!


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