Stretched during this trip!

Hey Everyone!

Wow, what a trip it has been so far in LA.

Today has been filled with cool conversations, milkshakes, food banks and fun memories. Today we had the opportunity to serve the LA Regional Food Bank. After a few hours of sorting food and putting them in boxes to distribute to the community, we altogether sorted close to 12,000 pounds of food!! We felt so accomplished with how much of the food we were able to sort would be going to different communities. After the food bank, we were driven to a temple in Hollywood, to talk with a man who is in the religion of “self-realization”. We listened to him explain his religion, and from my understanding, it is a complicated combination of Hinduism and Christianity. We listened and asked questions and experienced what is was like to listen to this man for close to three hours.  And finally we finished the day by evangelizing on hollywood blvd. From talking to Chareese and her son in a Ghirardelli’s, to exploring the wacky-ness of the church of Scientology, my group and I have been stretched during this trip, and I can’t wait to experience what else is waiting for us in Los Angeles!

Will update soon,

Kaitlyn (:


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