Pray for the LA Trip!

It’s Wednesday… actually it’s Friday! Don’t judge, we are up at 5:00 in the morning writing this.  We are on our third day of 5:00 am’s.  Yay!  5:00 am’s are where you have to be in the Great Room at 5:00 in the morning to do chores until 7:00 before breakfast. It is a consequence for slacking on our regular chores for each day and stretching the rules. So far we have been trying our best to stay positive; however, we’re not so sure how long that will last. Moving on from 5:00 am’s, on Tuesday, we had our guy and girl nights. For us girls, Sam, Courtney, and Amy put on a Galentines party. Amy made us waffles, we played MASH (only with celebrities, don’t worry!), and we took crazy pictures. It was a fun night!  For guys night, they went and played Broom Hockey. It was VERY cold!  It really makes men out of boys when you play broom hockey in 9 degrees. On another note, it’s been snowing! We are suppose to get a few inches today, but we will see what happens. We have been having an enlightening time with Lem, our speaker. On Wednesday evening after listening to Lem’s performance of Stone Temple Pilots and Radiohead we did an emotional exercise where we went to seven people and they wrote us a five word story. Hearing the truth about us verses the lies we tell ourselves made us feel loved and encouraged. Also, we are all preparing for our L.A. Trip.  We head out on Monday.  Yesterday we went over evangelism with Sam and learned who our groups or partners are for the trip.  Sam had us practice with our L.A. partners on how to evangelize and have effective communication with the people that we will meet. Some of us are overly excited, and others are a little nervous. Please pray for us as we head into L.A. that we can bring the gospel to people we would not normally talk with.

Brittney Thoma, Taylor Bohn, Ethan Chesney, and Will Dillon


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