More preview students!

Coming off of a very busy four day weekend, we are happy to invite the second set of preview students into the Joshua building. We have twenty students that are coming to see the Joshua experience and almost every single room has one preview staying with them. The previews seem very excited to be here and to learn more about Joshua. We sincerely hope that they all get in and are apart of next years class. So far we have had the privilege of meeting PJ and Sheri Lewis who happen to be our speakers and catalyst couple this week. We have a pretty busy week with a paper and test to wrap up our John class. This will be the second week of the Pauline Epistles class that is taught by Wagon Master Chip. In this class we are going through first and second Corinthians. It is a very interesting class and everyone seems very excited to continue learning about the letter that Paul wrote to the church of Corinth. This past weekend we worked at our first junior high camp. It was crazy seeing how different a junior high camp can be from a high school camp. We are also all anxious to find out what we are going to work during the summer. So many people want to know and the staff is waiting to tell us. We are all getting excited for our Los Angeles trip that is happening in about two weeks. While eating an ice cream sandwich our speaker PJ Lewis says, “Hi everyone” to the readers of our blog. Thank you for your support and prayers. Truly truly I tell you that we sincerely hope no one else gets kicked out.

Written by Ethan Chesney, Cole Hayden, and Bethany Phillips


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