Learning from the people here

Life in the DR has been amazing. I am in the education site at Los Higos. The teachers of the site are truly gifts from God. They work so hard to teach the kids about God and to help them succeed in life. I have learned a lot these last two weeks about how to listen more. When you are in a country that speaks a whole different language you never really learned, your focus changes to listening to the words they say. I have learned to sit back and listen to their words and the words God has to say through them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to come into the community of Los Higos and learn more about their culture and people. My prayer for Los Higos is that they can get the funds they need to build onto their school, so that they can spread the gospel of Christ even more to the people in their community.

With love from the DR,

Tori Brown

Check out the video here!


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