Excited for what’s ahead!

Last week we had the privilege of having Sherri and PJ Lewis come and speak for us about being confident in trusting God in good or bad situations. They presented something to us called the “Bottom Line,” which tells us that God is in control, God knows what’s best, God loves me, and that we can trust God and His Word. The concept of having this bottom line is to give key points to having a “good, sometimes even greater that great” faith. All of these concepts intermingle with each other, creating a strong faith when we believe every one of them. They are all in balance with each other, and when we start to doubt a concept (like does God loves us or can we trust God), our faith tends to waiver. This was a week of reflection for not only how we view our faith and what that relationship looks like, but also how we can improve on our relationship with the Lord. Using the lessons we were given this past week, we can identify what we start to doubt about God or how God views us.

In other news, as of yesterday Monday, February 19th, we found out our summer jobs!! Zoey got Hume and Beans, the coffee shops at Hume Lake and she is so excited!!! Kaitlyn and Ervin are working at Cedar Hall kitchen for junior high camps in the summer, Kaitlyn being a cook and Ervin is in the dish room. Nathan is working in the dish room for Ponderosa high school camp. It was also Ervin’s 21st birthday!!!! Whooooo!!

We are all so excited for this summer, as well the next couple of weeks, with our Los Angeles street evangelism trip coming up on Monday, and chapter three Philippians test after that.

Joke of the Week: While working in the Ponderosa Kitchen, we have learned that the trick to cutting onions without crying is to not get emotionally attached.

Written by Zoey, Kaitlyn, Ervin, and Nathan



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