Being present

What a day to be alive. Last week we got to hear from the incredible Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. It was a great week of hearing their different stories. P.J and Sherry have shared with us the importance in always trusting God’s love for you, control, and knowledge of what is ultimately best.

Our previews also left last week and of course we were sad to see them go. It is always nice to be able to share with others the experience that we receive while being here at Joshua. We hope and pray that they keep open hearts to God’s plan for them whether or not that be here at Joshua next year.

We just finished reading Radical by David Platt, who writes of the importance of following God’s will for our life, and making disciples wherever we may be. This ties right in with our evangelism trip that we will be taking to L.A. in a week. We are all very excited to go to the inner-city and share with people the love and story of Jesus Christ.

Last week was jam packed with writing of the John paper, studying for the John test, hanging with previews, and our various readings. We have, as a class, become better at not procrastinating and working together to study and finish our assignments. It is cool to see our class uniting and becoming a strong family, and it will only get stronger as the year goes on. Personally, I am excited to see how God continues to work in each of our lives, and how He may unify us in the days to come.

We ask for prayer over our upcoming trip to L.A., for unity within our class, focus on Christ, being present in where we are and not letting life after Joshua overwhelm us.

Cameron, Ray, Rachel, Cori


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