Back to Reality

On Saturday morning, we woke up at 3am and left for the States! After a 4 hour flight from Jarabacoa to JFK, we found ourselves tight on time, and sprinting through the airport, in a group of 40, to our gate. We hardly made it, and some begging was needed. After boarding we enjoyed, and I use that term lightly, a 5 and a half hour flight to California. When we landed, we got into our vans, and had a 9 hour trip back home. When we arrived, we were all very tired, being that it was 24 hours straight of traveling.

Getting back, we were all very jet lagged and exhausted, so our gracious and loving staff gave us two free days off to rest. A lot of us spent these two days sleeping, doing our papers, or studying for our Hermeneutics final on Wednesday. For a lot of us it was a very productive two days and we are very grateful.

Jumping back into the program, we get to enjoy being in the building for three weeks. In these three weeks, we have a Hermeneutics final, and paper, as well as a John final and paper. This time will definitely be full of studying and coffee.

We are very excited about our speaker this week, Trent Lewis. Trent is an executive pastor at Arbor Road in Long Beach. Our first night with him, he challenged us with the things we are clinging on to, and how we might sometimes act entitled to blessings we have received. The grill today was incredible, and he told us his engagement story, and gave us advice on things like relationships, college, and what ministry may look like after Joshua.

It is going to be an exhausting three weeks, but we are excited, and determined to do our best and return to our normal routine.

By: Alyssa Dingwall, Ray Gonzalez and Winson Jones


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