Physical therapy and baseball

It all started when I was 20 years old, deep in the forest of The Dominican Republic when I was called by the Lord (and the Joshua staff) to serve the children and elderly. Me alongside with three other Joshua students, Sean, Clara, and Joshua; got the privilege to job shadow Silvio, the physical therapist! It was muy bien! (very good). Right off the bat we were thrown into the lion’s den, working on several patients at a time, but we kept our cool as we were doing it for Jesus Cristo! As you can see our Spanish is developing quite well. 

In my site, (this is Ethan Chesney now) which is men’s sports, we start the day at a local school and lead PE for the little niños.  We usually play basketball or kickball.  The kids are amazing and I have to constantly deal with kids asking for my name and touching my rojo hair.  In the afternoons we help run a baseball practice for kids of all ages.  The neighborhood has three different teams depending on the kids age.  Some of us Joshua students are better than others but none of us compare to the Dominican kids.  They live baseball and it shows on the field.  We all love it though and it is such an amazing experience.  (Back to Ervin). To end the day we had a familia game night. Which consisted of ping pong, foosball championships, and CATAN. The food is always great here as we grubbed on taco salad! Everything is so fresh here and we’re only half way through! We are getting our mindsets ready to hop in the rushing waters of a mighty river to raft.

Written by Ethan and Ervin

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