New Years and Fred Blackburn!

This past weekend was a long one for most of us. Of all the retreats that Hume Lake offers in its wide variety of retreats the family retreat is the largest of them all. All the students ended up working the New Year’s Eve pizza train, which is when we all danced and handed out pizzas.

The preview students showed up today. Preview is a great time we get to spend hanging out with potential future Joshua students and introducing to them to what Joshua life is like. It’s been awesome spending time with them so far!

This week for speaker we’re so lucky to have Fred Blackburn. We just met Fred last night but it already feels like it’s been a week. Fred has been able to create such interesting and intriguing conversation about many things which either have a large stigma or people are afraid to talk about. So far it has been a great opportunity for all of us. Whether we have already formulated a legitimate belief or this is our first time talking about this with other people, it has been a blessing. These things need to be talked about in communities whether Christian or not. We truly believe that this will shape to be a fantastic week and that our perceptions will be changed for the better.

Today in the Grill, which is when we ask the speaker predetermined questions, we picked up our conversation from last night which was long and heavy. It was one hour 29 minutes and 30 seconds late. Anyhizzle, we picked up our conversation from last night and it lead to Fred talking about the Four Temperaments, which was used by Hippocrates in his proto-psychological medical theories.


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