Los Higos community

It’s been nothing but rain for the past 4 days here in Jarabacoa. While many of us enjoy the cool weather, we are also ready to be dry. We enjoyed seeing the market area and town on Saturday, many of us enjoyed smoothies and saw different art and jewelry made by the locals. Sunday we split up into 2 groups for 2 separate church services and experienced worshiping our God in another language. Monday was back to our worksites first thing after breakfast.

I (Angela) have been at the education site located in the community of Los Higos working in a small preschool. There are about 32 kids total ranging from 2-4 years old. It is inspiring to watch the way the teachers interact with the kids. They all speak Spanish, and speak very little English. The kids are incredibly smart and are able to grasp ideas very quickly. A few of us Joshua students were able to teach them some English last week, and even today I heard some of them talking in the English we taught them. I’m inspired by our site leader Hector’s life and what he continues to do each day. It is incredible! His courage and strength to teach these kids each day in such an impoverished community is something to strive for. He has such faith in God and continues to trust that He will provide, even as they are fundraising for a larger area and building to hold more kids.

Please pray for Los Higos and all the other sites here in Jarabacoa as we are blessed with the opportunity to continue serving this next week. They are wonderful people and we see God working in their lives. We are so grateful to be able to be in this amazing community.

Written by,

The Los Higos Team

(Angela, Josiah G., Cameron, and Tori)

Watch the video below!


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