First week of winter camp!

We have had an intriguing past couple of days, partially due to the weather and partially due to this past weekend being the first winter camp of the season. Since this was the first weekend of winter camp, that meant that the tube run and snowboarding areas were finally open and they were each a blast to experience whether it was working them, which was fun because we got to see all the camper’s excitement over them, or actually doing them ourselves and getting to experience the rush. Directly after that exhilarating weekend was our second Philippians test on that Monday. We were all filled with some anxiety over whether we would be able to remember it correctly, but overall, we did rather well. We have also finally gotten back into the swing of our schedule as we have finally completed a full week of classes (we didn’t have Monday classes last week) and it is nice to be back in a steady schedule. Though, what would make it better would be if we could get some snow up here. Everything would look even more beautiful. The weather today just can’t seem to make up its mind since it is supposed to snow but it just keeps raining. We gained some new members for the week (the Catalyst Couple and the Speaker) who are loved by all of us. The Catalyst Couple are so much fun and have all the sass that is necessary to counter ours when we use it and their son has so much energy that he can outrun all of us. We had a nerf war at his behest and at the end of it, I am pretty sure he was the only one with the energy to keep running while we had all pretty much collapsed. The speaker is awesome and is speaking to us about relationships. He is a fun guy who knows how to see the humor in the many different scenarios of life.

Written By: Joshua Rhodenbaugh, Clara Roberts, Nicholas Kaercher, & Melissa Bohan


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