California Christians

I woke up this morning and thought: ‘it’s raining’. Infiltrating the dark and hush was a puddle in the dirt out the window, that wasn’t being very loud in itself, but it was enough to tell a tired student that a snowless winter was finally on its way to the white stuff. Hurray! Rain!

‘God is in the rain’ Fred said (that rhymed). He left only minutes before the writing of this blog (around 5pm), as it was his last day at Joshua. :( Fred will be missed. To Fred: ‘thank you for coming!’ Anyway, the last few days he’s talked about 3 main topics and 4,000,005 rabbit trails. I’m just gonna name as many as I can remember as well as the three main topics:

  1. Dead men have no need for Ethics
  • This talk was based off the intro to his book ‘Dead men have no need for Ethics’
  • Antanomeanism
  • Neonomeanism
  • Panomonomeanism
  • He talked a lot about his early spiritual journey and how he began to doubt his faith, then his journey into the mountains where he secluded, and how he became a professor
  1. A California Christian
  • What is a Christian?: A person with a relationship with Jesus Christ who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit
  • Original name for a Christian. An ancient ‘Christian’ would say: “I am a follower of The Way
  • So, you got California Cuisine like a California Burger, California style pizza, and other fusion. A while ago, Fred called himself a follower of The Way because when someone asked him what religion he was a part of and he would say ‘Christian’, most people would have negative presuppositions about Christians. But he read a Philosophy book about the influence California has on western civilization, and he invented the term ‘California Christian’. It’s not a new denomination of group or anything like that. If you want to know more, read here:
  • Mystisism
  • Physics
  • Metaphysics
  • The Kabala
  • The movie Noah is not based off the Genesis account, but the Kabbalah.
  1. Answered Q & A questions this final morning.

The previews also left today at lunch and people went an hikes. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:


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