A blast from the past

Tonight we traveled back into our childhood years as we all attended a ten year old birthday party. The guys did not take this lightly, as each of them, (except Sean), wore those obnoxious birthday hats and blew noise makers as we awaited our entry into the grand dining room. The night started off strong with special guest Terrifying Tucker doing a magic trick. The night continued with a gourmet meal of Dino nuggets and mac n’ cheese. Our tables were enhanced with kid-friendly entertainment like coloring pages with crayons. We were interrupted mid-meal with another glorious magic trick with Terrifying Tucker turning into a beastly, giant, black gorilla. To be honest, most of us were impressed. Who would have ever known? Tucker is, a real magician. Anyways, after dinner we ran around the building like actual ten-year olds, finding clues everywhere for a scavenger hunt. It ended with the surprise of the year: the movie The Incredibles. Amid screams of excitement, everyone joined together in the great room with pajamas, slippers, popcorn, and candy as we lived out our ten-year old dreams watching a movie from the past. All in all, you can feel the heaviness around the building lighten as we all got to finally relax and enjoy a special community treat.

On a separate note, you can feel the excitement of the students as we prepare to leave for the Dominican Republic. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for our first international trip. Sending our love to everyone!

Much love,

Alyssa Dingwall, Cheyenne Houghtby, and Sean Collins.


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