Papers and French Presses

Break is coming quickly, and with break coming, so are the all the academic deadlines. Coming up Friday, tomorrow, is the turning in of our first big Hermeneutics paper. The paper needs to be 8-10 pages long; filled with logic and interpretation of 1 Corinthians 3:9-17. As seasoned procrastinators, most of our class has not finished the assignment yet. With French presses filled to the brim and stress levels high, we will voyage deep into the night regretting our procrastination to finish the Hermeneutics paper. Please pray for us.

But life here isn’t all highly caffeinated and stressful. This week we have been reading a book authored by Bob Goff called Love Does. There have been many a great of his personal stories that made our class burst out in laughter but all stories that he shares all point back to Jesus and how love does. One of our favorite stories was when Bob was younger and got hired to serve at a formal restaurant. First day on the job, Bob made a stinky from some sketchy Mexican food he had right before work and was fired on the spot. The lesson that he shared from his embarrassing story was that through his experience, being rejected or ashamed of something that we have done, God can still use to grow us and bring glory to Him.

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Shiloh, Bramble, Jill, Ervin, Nathan


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