Cruise Night!

Wednesday – Thursday 

This week’s speakers were Matt and Grace Berg, the director of Wildwood and his amazing wife. Both of them did the Joshua Program 2011 – 2012. Matt spoke Monday, Tuesday night, and Thursday morning and Grace spoke Wednesday night. They took us through Colossians 3, and talked about sin and the joy of living in Christ. One night we confessed our sin to God and a group of close friends, the next night Grace had us write down practical steps to combat the sins we had written down and tell those steps to our group.  After the confession talks Matt spoke about finding joy in Christ today. We had guy and girl night on Tuesday night. The guys went down to main camp and played Broom Hockey while the girls played Murder in the Dark at the Joshua building. On Wednesday at 3pm we had our second Historical Geography of Ancient Israel test. Most of the students felt confident about the test however others had a harder time with it. Before the Israel test we had the final book discussion for Ragamuffin Gospel. The staff asked who didn’t finish the reading for this week Courtney informed us that the staff would be doing the hillwalks for them that day. Those who hadn’t read sat in the Great Room and finished reading while the rest of us split into groups to discuss the Book. Our theme dinner tonight was cruise night. Some dressed up as if they were on a Hawaiian cruise, some dressed as if they were on an Alaskan cruise, some were security, and one dressed up as the cruise ship. For dinner we had Brisket, mashed potatoes, almond green beans, and Texas toast. For dessert Amy, who was dressed as a crab, made an amazing Peach Blueberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream and after dinner we had a talent show in the Great Room. Sam the girl RD started off the show with a solo song.  Following Sam’s amazing performance, the Joshua students had many different acts. There was karaoke, live singing, lip syncing, comedy and dancing.  The final act went out in a bang as Will Dillon gave us his rendition of “I Will Survive.”  It was an amazing performance along with an amazing night.  Everyone shared in laughter and a great meal.

Clara Roberts, Melissa Bohan, Will Dillon, and Ethan Chesney.


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