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The Blog of Halloween Night

Hello to everybody out there, there has been a couple of interesting events that have happened since the last blog and we will try to get them all in to today’s blog.  The first event that needs to be addressed is that we had our second 4-day weekend since we had another Men’s Conference. While this meant that we were working for an extra day, it also meant that the ones among us who were off (there were many who were off this weekend) got to spend an extra day relaxing/studying. A lot of them wound up going down the mountain to spend some time in the city.  A couple of people had family come up over the weekend to spend time with them and on Sunday some of us got to help take down the castle set from summer in Ponderosa chapel. Our new Catalyst Couple came up on Monday and we are spending time with them every night (we all baked owl cookies together on Monday night).  On Monday, we had our Philippians Ch. 1 Test and while many of us passed, there were some who didn’t quite get the amount right that they needed so they have now joined the Study Breakfast Club.  On a lighter note, it’s Halloween tonight and we are all exited to figure out what costumes we can wear with the materials that we have in our rooms (some costume ideas are pretty awesome while others are just a little out there).  We also have our guy’s/girl’s night tonight so that is when most people are going to get into their costumes and we will all get to see who wore it best and who is the most creative.  We also had Junk’en Treasure today where we can go down to main camp and buy some of the things that have been forgotten in the lost and found or were donated to the lost in found (either way we still get to buy some pretty cool stuff that has wound up in the Lost and Found).


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