Eye opening opportunities

Howdy Y’all, We made it another day in the beautiful state of Texas. We woke up to the sound of mooing at the early hour of 7am for breakfast and our day began. We piled into vans to help out the Just Do It Now center, similar to The Boys and Girls Club, in Wharton, Tx. Arriving there we got geared up and were prepared for labor where we carried, pulled, and moved out furniture. The furniture was extremely moldy because the club was submerged in 7 plus feet of water. It was really eye opening to see the devastation in this area. During our break for lunch our amazing staff treated us to Buccee’s where we got free drinks which tasted amazing but filled our bladders. Then we got to the demolition part where we split into groups. 

I, Taylor, hammered and carried a lot of ruined things out of the building. During my time my expectations definitely changed about the ruins which surprised me because nothing could be saved, but God definitely showed me with this that working in devastation can be rewarding and fun. 

I, Zoey, helped sledgehammer whiteboards and other wall decorations, swept, and squeegeed water out of the building. During my time I was saddened by the realizations that no one has helped these communities but I am gladdened by the fact that we are all blessed enough that God sent us to help these communities. 

I, Sean, got the pleasure to rip the doors off hinges, used the electric drill and crowbar to remove miscellaneous things. Then the firemen came and set up the huge firehose where I got to spray down all of the floors in the building. During this time I learned how to step up and be a good leader allowing me to see things in a new perspective, thus seeing other people’s needs first in how to teach, correct, and guide others correctly. 

Then, we broke bread and arrived back at Straightway Ministries where we hang out in the gym of the rehabilitation center (where we are staying) tossing the baseball and having great conversation. 

Y’all come back now you here,

Taylor B., Zoey C., and Sean C.




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