Exhausted and Excited

So, life in the building continues as always. Most of us went off to work and others enjoyed a weekend in San Francisco. The retreat for the weekend was for the Hume lakers and the legacy which consist of people who are dedicated to helping support Hume Lake. Spike ball, long walks, and tired college students would have been a common sight up at the building. The buzz around the building has consisted of traveling to Houston, the amazing catalyst couple, and the busy days of work we’ve all had. Some of us helped the catalyst couple bake cookies and participated in various board games. Sunday evening we all gathered with the community of Hume Lake for a soup dinner and a service for church after. The speaker from The Well spoke about the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation and their willing deeds for God. The week’s speaker is Dewey Bertolini, who is a phenomenal speaker, has a great sense of Humor and is great at explaining Christ. His unique and captivating story grabbed our attention and reminded us Godʼs grace is so personal to each and everyone of us. He stated that any shame we have experienced, any ugly sins in our life, and any darkness we experienced only needs R and R, repentance that God will never reject. His most memorable statement was when he explained that the Bible is not just a book of events with characters, but a book of characters that events happen to. The verse of reference he used Luke 23:33-34, “When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Him, along with the criminals- one on his right the other on his left. Jesus said [Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.].”He also talked about the forgiveness of Christ which really correlates to our book, The Ragamuffin Gospel. The Ragamuffin Gospel is our current book study and it is entirely directed to the broken people who are labeled as Ragamuffins. It helps to encourage us that we are forgiven even when we sin, but also to remind us that we canʼt just openly choose to sin just because we are forgiven.



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