Disney Night!

Well… tonight we traveled back into our childhood of Disney fantasy. We got the pleasure to dine with Cinderella and Prince Eric themselves, Bambi, Gaston, Russel and Carl, the good ole Toy story gang; it was quite a scene. As you looked around the room, you could hear the off-pitch melodies of us belting out our favorite Disney songs. (I’m sure you could hear that lovely sound all the way down the hill). Oh, we were desperate for that beautiful sound of music ringing through this Joshua building. Our wonderful chef Amy made us feel right at home at Disneyland with turkey legs (they were HUGE. SERIOUSLY) and corn dogs. Oh, and there’s no experience with Disney without the sweet treat of Dole whip (and get this… no outrageous prices or long lines). Just as we thought the night was ending, our lovely Buzz light year (seth himself) announced entertainment for the night would be brought by yours truly: the Joshua Students of 2017. Groups were assigned a movie to act out—because what is a whole year without Disney? So, each group scrambled and talked on top of each other as they planned their Broadway-status (well, some were better than others) plays. From Josh and Will dancing together as Beauty and the Beast and Olaf being super lit in Frozen, to the staff forgetting the difference between Buzz and Woody, the night was a riot. To top it all off, the staff announced that all of us will get to watch a Disney movie of our choosing together as a class. To say the least, it was a night filled with Walt Disney magic. We’ll keep you updated as the weeks go on. Pray for us as we prepare for Houston and whip out this hermeneutics paper. Missing everyone back at home! Love, Alyssa, Cheyenne, Sean, & Josiah S.


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