Pray for Texas

We woke up this morning in our temporary home in beautiful Hungerford, Texas for the second to last work day of the week. We had a delightful breakfast which consisted of eggs, french toast, and bacon. To start out morning we played some cool games that Rachel taught us, that are often played in India!

For today’s work, we had a list of three houses and one church that we needed to get through. Upon arrival , they did not need a whole crew, so we were able to work on all four at once. I, Winnie, can only speak for myself, as I worked only on one house. For our project, we entered a smaller home which had been emptied prior. Our mission was to remove all of the drywall, and cardboard behind said dry wall. We went at it for a solid 2 and a half hours, ripping and dodging dry wall from all over. I actually got nice and close to stepping on a nail, which would’ve been quite the adventure.

After we finished our houses, and the one church, we had plenty of time to spare, so we came on back to the facility in which we are staying, and began small jobs like raking, shoveling, and mopping.

Overall it was a semi productive days with high spirits and good attitudes. It has been a blessing to be working with this incredible class and the incredible people of Texas, including Barnell, and JD. Tomorrow is our last day, and honestly it is bitter sweet. Sure we get to come home and see our families and have a break from the building, but there is so much that can still be done here, and so many families that have yet to be reached. We pray that God keeps His hand over them, and that others may feel called to come and help.

After working for a good portion of the day, we came back to some nice showers to wash the nasty off of us, and a great dinner that was much needed. Tonight we had book discussion and it was great, which it usually always is.

It was a great day full of fellowship and serving. AND WE WENT TO BUC-EE’S AGAIN! I am currently sitting on my bed writing this, looking forward to the social interaction of the night.

We ask that you just pray for the people of Texas, those who have been affected, and for those who have not yet been motivated to help out. Prayer for those outside of Texas to feel moved to come and lend a hand, and also for those already here doing their best, people like Barnell, incredible guy he is.

Written by Winnie





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