A great week with Dewey

This week is now coming to a close.  Earlier today we said goodbye to our amazing speaker for this week, Dewey Bertolini, whose passion and insight into the final words of Jesus excited us all about the intricacies of the Scriptures.  Over the last few days, he walked us through the seven final statements of Jesus, words that changed the world forever.  We learned so much from him about who Jesus is, what Jesus said, and why it matters. Although we were all very sad to see him go, we are all incredibly grateful that God blessed us with the short amount of time spent with this energetic and wise man.

On Tuesday night, we split up for guys and girls night.  While the guys stayed in the building and played murder in the dark (the girls returned to the building to the strange sight of all of the lights turned off), the girls drove down to the Meadow Ranch lawn and played Kajabi Can-Can.  Although it was very cold and most of our hands were numb within five minutes, we all had a blast, and the evening only resulted in one injury, a sprained ankle.  After we finished pulling each other into trash cans, we rode back up to the building, where we stood around a campfire and roasted marshmallows.  A huge thank you to Alyssa, Bethany Bramble, and Taylor for making our girls night a blast!

Our catalyst couple, back for their second week in a row, is the Yorks, the parents of our very own Assistant Director Rachel! We are so blessed to have been able to have them here with us for these two weeks.  They have been so gracious with their time, leaving their room open until the wee hours of the night simply to let us students have a place to talk, eat the delicious cupcakes and cookies (not to mention mini pumpkin pies) that they made for us, and play games.  It has been a delight getting to know them and having them share their great wisdom with us.

Our book discussion book for the next few weeks is the Ragamuffin Gospel.  Part of the book speaks to the wonder of God’s creation, and how it is a lost art.  We need to be able to learn from the inquisitive and awe-filled minds of children as they gaze upon the beauty of the Creation that God has set before us.  As we spend days upon weeks in this building, it is easy to forget the breath-taking beauty that is all around us, and lose a sense of awe at the mountain landscape.  This week our minds and hearts have been reminded of the faithfulness and mercy of God both through what he has done for us and what he has made for us.

And now, as we finish out this week, everyone is looking forward to our next exciting event: our trip to Houston! Those who have not packed yet are throwing clothes into bags, and everyone is preparing minds and hearts to spread the love of God to the people who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  We leave tomorrow! Pray for us as we embark on this new adventure.

By: Tessa and Tori


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