Ventures into the rebellious forest

The Joshua Wilderness Institute is awesome.

This week we are at Hartland, a camp similar to Hume but lower in elevation and smaller. What we are doing at Hartland is working and serving for the camp staff in any job they need done. It’s a great opportunity just to help out a fellow Christian camp. And our peewee squad got the best job of all. We, Sean Collins, Zach Hessemer, Alyssa Dingwall, and Keith, are on fence line inspection. Our job is to hike where there are no trails and inspect the integrity of the barbed wire fencing (which is intended to keep cows out) which makes up the Hartland border. This means when trees have fallen on the fence, we bring out the chain saw. When the fence is cut, we mend it. When the wires have fallen, we re-clip it. All the while, hiking around the border and trying to overcome the thicket. And that’s just what we did today.

Day two of this we came across an endless, impenetrable fortress of evil bushes, yet we forged on and triumphed. We followed it up the hills, repairing where we found breaks. A glorious trail blaze it has been so far at Hartland for the Fence Line Crew. Wish us another successful venture tomorrow into the rebellious forest that surrounds the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountain range.

That’s today’s blog folks. Have a good one.

P.S. Updates from other work groups: they cut trees and glued stuff.

Check out the video here!


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