Serving with Happy Hearts

It is mid week here at the Joshua building, and everywhere else in the world, I don’t about you guys but we are exhausted. We just came off a 4-day weekend of work, followed by an Israel test as well as a lot of Philippians cramming for we only have 5 days left before our first exam.

Tuesday night we had our respected guys and girls’ nights! The guys went down to lookout rock which is a little bit outside of camp, and enjoyed fellowship, cool night pictures by Tucker, as well as some IBC Root Beers. It is always nice for the guys to get out and be with each other, and to be able to admire God’s creation makes it so much sweeter. The girls got an awesome opportunity to get to know each other more. We had three of the girls Cole, Bethany P., and Priscilla plan the night out for us. We got three teams together with the Sam, Courtney, and Rachel, and we got asked questions about each other to see who knew each other better. We got in the classroom and just had a night with sweat pants and sleeping bags. The relaxation was a breath of fresh air.

Tragedy has struck the Joshua building this week. With heavy hearts we regret to inform the blog that we have lost a student. This was a major reality check for the entire class. We will continue to work on growing closer as a class, so that we can avoid losing another cherished friend and family member.

On a brighter note, we had pause family dinner tonight! We all love pause so much because not only do we get a home cooked meal (sorry Amy, you make very good food also), but we get to spend time in a family environment with our siblings and pause family. Our nights all look so different, from eating dinner under oil lantern lights to simulate power outages and how to have fun without power, to playing card games, or just talking about life in general. Thursdays are definitely a day we look forward to each week, because when we do not have pause we have theme dinners which are always a great time!

We start another 4-day work weekend today which will not help much with the exhaustion, but will get us closer to making our own money! This weekend is our last men’s retreat which means one more weekend of constantly serving meat and coffee, shooting guns, and learning how to fly fish.

I hope you guys can learn and keep being interested in the stories we have to share! It feels like not much has happened, but somehow we got an entire page out. Thinking about it now, we really are always kept very busy, so maybe it isn’t that surprising. Anyway, thank you for reading, have a blessed week, and keep us in your prayers for this upcoming weekend that we may have serving and happy hearts.

Winnie (Cameron), Tessa, Ray, Tori


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