Philippians Cramming

Will and I (Room 107) are rather enjoying our time here at Joshua.  This is our first blog post so let us give you a background of who we are and how we’ve felt about the first month and a half of Joshua.  Will is from Roswell, New Mexico (Alien Town), and he just recently moved to California this summer; since then he has been residing in Tulare.  I have lived in Bakersfield, California my entire life and let me tell you the two things I’ve learned is that Bakersfield is really hot and will be the site of the second coming.  If you would like to discuss this with me please email to connect with me.  Will and I became close friends rather quickly and have both rather enjoyed Joshua.  We both believe we have grown spiritually and matured since our arrival.  We can both see Christ working in our lives.  In the more recent weeks we have been working hard on the weekends and studying hard on the week days.  This last Monday we took our first Israel Geography test.  We both feel that we have completed this test to the best of our abilities and will see soaring grades coming our way.  This week all the Joshua students have been feeling the pressure of our Philippians test this coming Monday.  The staff has been gracious in giving us reserved time to memorize this book.  For Will and me things have been going smoothly but we are not finished yet.  In our free time Will and I have been playing hours of Spikeball with our classmates.  It’s been a good time of fellowship and friendly competition.  We love every one of our fellow students and are seeing our friendship’s grow.  As the upcoming weeks approach we ask you to pray for all of our class.  Please pray for the classes ability to successfully memorize Philippians, and please pray for our upcoming trip to Houston.  We believe it will be an eye-opening experience for many of us here at Joshua. 

This past week has been non-stop go, go, go, which led into a full and crazy weekend.  Over the weekend we had our first full three days of work.  Because it was a men’s retreat, all the girls were working behind the scenes, while the guys were up front and center.  We had/have also been cramming to study for our first Israel test and Philippians test all weekend.  The majority of us were stressing about how the Israel test was going to pan out.  We have also been learning the Hebrew alphabet along with our regular Israel studies.  Rachel is offering us extra credit for that part of the test.  Thankfully, we had plenty of study time.  There was a huge weight lifted once it was all done and finished.  Overall, we had a good weekend.  We even got some rain on Friday! 

Sadly, our speaker/catalyst couple, Brad and his family, haven’t arrived yet.  So, instead of having speaker last night, we studied our Philippians for the hour.  It was so nice to have that mandatory study time for Philippians, specifically.  There were so many different forms of memorizing.  Some even go as far as changing accents while in the middle of reciting.  Hey, do whatever you have to do to get it done, am I right?  On the other hand, we are all anxiously looking forward to meeting and hearing our speaker.

Written by Will Dillon, Ethan Chesney, Brttney Thoma, and Taylor Bohn


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