Highs and lows

Thursday October 12th Blog

Since the last blog, there has been some happy times and some interesting stuff which we really need to talk about.  The first thing that was awesome was the Fall Festival that was held on Tuesday evening, it was an event of the community getting together in friendly rivalry in a Fall decoration making contest and amazing food (ribs, hotdogs, potato salad, rolls, and so many wonderful deserts to taste), the team from Joshua actually placed within the top 3 for the decoration making contest.  After that, we had guys/girls’ nights which were a little more serious but overall, they were helpful and a little fun.  Wednesday was just a normal Wednesday for the most part except for the chance we got to listen to our Catalyst Couple talk about the trials they have been through in their life as well as how they were blessed during and outside of the hardships.  We had our book discussion as normal except for it being the final time to talk about the book that we were on (The Pursuit of Holiness) and we had a pretty good final discussion, our next book is “Scary Close” to anybody reading along with our reading list.  That night we had another discussion with Todd Morehead (our speaker) and we got into a lot of in depth discussions. This morning was a little hectic for a couple of reasons, the first was because we were all rushing around to clean up our rooms before room checks (room checks every Thursday) to make sure our rooms would look pristine, the second reason why today was a little hectic was because we had kid’s worship songs (Yay!!) for worship this morning and we get to do kid’s worship every Thursday morning now.  After that was the final time we got to listen to Todd speak to us and we wrapped up studying the book we had been reading for discussion on what he was speaking about, we learned a lot about the truth of the history of the relationship between the Church and Israel.  Tonight, we have two items of interest; the first will be Sweeps where about half of us will be working for a couple of hours in various areas around Hume Lake, (those who aren’t scheduled to work can help with some Wildwood Camp stuff if they want to) and the second item is that tonight is a Pause dinner night, so we all get to eat dinner and hang out with some of the families up here at Hume, and it’s going to be awesome.



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