Another week in Joshua life

Hey-yo. Things are finally settling back into the Joshua life before we set off again in three weeks to help beautiful Houston, TX. Thinking back it is crazy that only a month has past since we have been moved in and so much has already happened. On Monday we were given the amazing gift of sleeping-in! Praise God. We received this privilege from staff because our hard-work in Hartland last week. Now we are all caught up on sleep, not really.

Another great thing about this week is that on Sunday evening our first catalyst couple has arrived. Their names are Jeanie and Dan and they are from Bakersfield, CA. Shout out to Ethan, Cori, and Melissa! We are still getting to know them, but they are great and fill our conversations with new added depth.

Then, on Monday our second speaker arrived! His name is Todd Morehead and people are already super pumped for the conversations that will happen this week. So far we have watched his first produced and directed movie “The Promise Land”. It was honestly so amazing and numerous students (including myself) felt the spirit of God in the movie and the longing for home because of the surfing being discussed. Then we had ourselves a Grill with Todd where we got to ask him questions, see his lovely family, and watch two trailers for his second movie “Hope in the Holy Land”.

Hope all is well and love always, Zoey, Jeremiah, Cori, and Josh


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