Adventures in Hartland!

Greetings from Hartland! Today at 11am we arrived after a 2 hour drive from Hume Lake to the beautiful campus called Hartland Christian Camps. We will be staying here through Thursday where we will be working on our serving skills such as splitting wood, sealing holes in beds to avoid bed bugs, making wood chips, clearing brush, kitchen duty, and other opportunities to serve.

During the ride we split into different vans, jammed out to Justin Bieber and Disney songs, and made plenty of new memories. There was singing at the top of our lungs, a pretty rad airdrop session, and eventful conversations. After arriving here at Hartland we were assigned our cabins, this time we have running water and mirrors and showers unlike our adventure at Wildwood. After getting settled in we satisfied our stomachs with Frito boats and chili dogs, which were definitely scrumptious we might add. After lunch we each were assigned our work projects in different groups.

I, Zoey, had the awesome privilege to work with seven other amazing Joshua Sisters! We ended up jumping into the back of the truck to take off on our adventure to Robin’s Nest. Amazing name for a cabin, am I right? Anyways, when we all piled out of the truck we made our way upstairs to the supply room. There we were equipped with sealing guns, sealer, and rags. This is when the fun began! We split into four groups and went to two different rooms to begin sealing the gaps in the beds to prevent any future bed bug incidents, do not worry it is not common for bed bugs to be at Hartland it is just a precaution because it is a camp. Anyways, we spent four hours doing this with a water break (or two) in-between then we arrived at dinner. This is where we are at right now by the way! We are honestly so blessed to be serving at this amazing camp and I am so extremely excited to see how this week shapes each one of us differently through our walks with Christ. God is so good!

I, Faith, had the greatest time making food for this week here in the kitchen. Taylor, Emily, and I whipped up a pretty bomb Thanksgiving dinner for the whole Joshua gang. We started by shredding some very, very hot turkey and cutting some asparagus. Side note, make sure you know where the trash can is to throw away the stocks of the asparagus you’ve just cut. Overall let’s just say that I missed the trash quite a few times (more like 15, not that I was counting or anything..). We then made some pizzas and brownies for later this week. Emily had some fun making some stuffing for tonight which has now earned the nickname “wet cat food” according to one of our supervisors, Jeremy. I had such a blast not only cooking some pretty rad food but also getting to know the lovely ladies I have the blessing of working with the rest of this week, I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for our adventure here at Hartland!

Can’t wait to fill y’all in more on of our crazy shenanigans at Hartland!

(written by Faith Thurm and Zoey Cameron)

Hartland Day 1 Video


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