Lean not on our own understanding

The last few days, the entire class of Joshua adventured out to a nearby camp called Wildwood. Wildwood is a small camp behind Hume lake where a small group of Christians go weekly to spend time alone with God. At Wildwood campers sleep in tents, learn community and how distractions can lead us away from spending time with God. The Joshua class took it one step further by taking away showers, mirrors and concept of time. The staff gave the class direction by blowing a massive conch shell and telling the class where to meet. Every time the class met, the staff had an exercise for the students. Some of the activities were with both guys and girls and some were separate. There was a lot of team bonding, personal growth and time with God. Joshua did a few G.I’s, or otherwise known as Group Initiatives, and are known to test a communities communication and critical thinking skills. We learned a lot about how we often set our pride above asking for help and how valuable living in a community is. Like how it says in Proverbs 3:5, we need to be continuously leaning on God for help and guidance rather than trying to figure life out on our own.

SIDE NOTE: If you say “rise up lights” in an American accent, it sounds like you’re saying “razorblades” in an Australian accent.

Why did the pirate cross the road? To get to the second HAND store!

Written by: The Dream Team (A.K.A Bubbly Bethany, Kooky Katlian, Excellent Ervine and Ninja Nathan.)



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