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This week we have Brad Bell from the Well Community Church as our speaker. A lot of the Joshua students are either really excited or anxious to hear what he has to say because Brad is notorious for speaking about the Song of Solomon and all the topics that go with that. We’ve had multiple speakers in the past touch on the topic of dating, relationships and marriage, but none to the extent that Brad has so far taught. He’s only spoken for one night so far, and we all already have an idea of what dating looks like biblically. We also have been blessed with our new friend Beth. Beth is here to help us make our class quilt. Since Friday we have been thinking about different ideas that will best express our class’s unique perspective on life in the Joshua building.

With only ten days left many of the Joshua students have begun to look back at our year and realize that our time together in the building is almost over; It is a very bitter-sweet realization. Thinking back on the first few months, there has been quite a change in the level of comfortability that we all share with each other. We seem to be more open to sharing about ourselves in bigger groups of people, rather than just one on one.

Somethings to look forward to with just one and a half weeks left. Many of us are looking forward to the last Pause night, and the mysterious night of remembrance. Also, we have a final test on Corinthians this Friday, so please wish us luck and pray that we get enough sleep while studying.

Thanks for following us in journey through out Joshua – Jacob DeVore and Karina Monascal.

Here are two photos from Guy’s Night last night. We gathered a few tables, hung some lights, and cooked some delicious steaks! We ended our night telling funny stories from the year and how God has challenged us and grown us into the people we are today. A good night indeed.


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