The Last Week (In the Building)

            This weekend was the Fisherman’s Retreat. There were fish and men and fisherman everywhere. We were quite surprised when the weather dropped 40 plus degrees and there was snow on the ground at 5 A.M. on Sunday. By the time the day was over, there was absolutely no snow on the ground. We were angry at the sky for taking our nice Spring weather away from us.


This is the beginning of the end. We only have 1 week left of Joshua in the building. It is very bittersweet. It’s bitter because we have spent 9 months with these people and they have become our family. It is sweet because Summer is here. Summer will be a completely different atmosphere and we cannot wait for a new pace of things.

Our speaker this week is Trent Lewis, who is an ultimate Disney fan and a lover of improv. He ironically taught on Philippians 2:6-11. We learned a lot about pride and how it effects your heart and mind. Your mind’s default is to go to pride, when stuck in sin. We finished our last Grill today with him. Tomorrow we finish The Pursuit of Holiness, our last book discussion in the building. We learned that Holiness is a choice and not an overnight thing, it is a day to day thing.

Our class has been working hard and spending all our time in the library trying to finish our class quilt. We’ve been on lockdown in the building in order to help our class finish the mandatory work in time. We are also in process of writing letters to the future Joshua classes. On top of all of this, we are trying to pack all of our things and get ready for move-out day on Saturday.

One of our students had to leave the program earlier this week. It has been a hard transition without them here. It’s been a tough year losing people. But, we are tied for the “Best Class Ever” with 43 students left. We are preparing ourselves for a couple more days here and soaking up the good times while we can. Amen.

Love, Drew, Kapri, Malachi, Jessica


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