The Last Blog Post

It was the last week in the building, and what a week it was. We’ve been on lockdown so that we could finish our quilt (it looks awesome). We all had pretty bad cabin fever, and just wanted to get out. The sun was shining, the birds were singing (or at least we assumed because we couldn’t leave) and we needed to feel the grass between our toes. Thursday afternoon the staff surprised us and took us down to main camp for mandatory fun! Some of us went paddle boarding, some played volleyball, and some sat on the beach and enjoyed each other’s company (and got some well-deserved sleep). While paddle boarding, some of us got a little aggressive and pushed some of us into the cold water. It was all good fun… I’m sure. Fun Fact: ICEEs at the G-Store were 25 cents!!!! How exciting!!

Thursday night was the Night of Remembrance with our Pause Families. It was a time to look back on all that we’ve done throughout the year. It was so wonderful to see old faces and memories of people we’ve lost and people we’ve met on our adventures. It was great seeing our class work and laugh together as a family.

So…Michael here! Have not done one of these blog posts in a while, I think the last time was in Israel. So we are writing this blog while everyone is packing. Its Friday, all of us are excited, anxious, ready to leave but not wanting to at the same time. It is a bittersweet day, in fact the week has been a bittersweet week. For the most part, besides quilt squares, turning in our booklet of WIRs and finishing up projects, we’ve just hung out and reminisced about the good ‘ole days at the beginning of the program. Its crazy to think what we have all been through in such a short time.

When you really think about it, 9 months is not really a long time. We go through our daily lives outside of Joshua rather quickly…and inside of Joshua we went through a lot in a short time.

It has been great being here with everyone. I know I would not want to do this year with anyone else. I, along with everyone else have created friendships throughout this entire year, and those friendships will last a while.

Well, I’m not one for anything sappy so with that LAST BLOG! Ya’ll have a good one!

Yours truly,

Kaitlyn Farris, Marisa Contreras, James Michael Georgia Peaches Peches Privee.


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