The Return to Joshua

Hello everyone its Jake,

In my portion of the blog I wanted to talk about some of the things that I have been learning in the last couple of weeks. These past few weeks whether in Israel or at home, I think that God has been teaching me to enjoy the moment. We only have about a month left in the Joshua building and I think I’ve been just thinking about the future. I’ve been telling myself that I only have a month left until I’m done or its only a few more weeks until the covenant gets lifted. But God has been teaching me that I need to relax and be in the moment. I’ve really been enjoying the time I have left and for the first time in a while I’m enjoying having the covenant. Not being able to listen to music or watch movies has really been strengthening my decision-making skills to say I can’t watch a movie right now, but I can read more or draw or go for a walk and really get out of the everyday stuff and just enjoy the moment. This week we have pine needle raking around camp. But because of the rain, we couldn’t do that today so we had study time and the Grill with our speaker randy. This afternoon I was able to get out and enjoy the rain, because rain’s awesome and I love it.

Hi, sharing half the blog with Jake here, its Karina now,

These past three weeks have gone by so fast, with the trip to Israel and our spring break it definitely feels like time is slipping through our fingers. Something I’ve learned apart from what Jake already talked about, is that no matter where you are in the world, God always follows. He is everywhere, and there is no one specific place, or specific thing for that matter, in which you can find him on this earth except for in your own spirit and in the spirit of others.

Spring break was a break much needed, especially because I had gotten sick over the last few days in Israel, and it was very sweet to be able to spend time with friends and family. Although all of us enjoyed our times at home, coming back and seeing all of our friends here was great and I think also needed. These next couple weeks though will be busy, we have our last Philippians test on Monday; please pray we all pass, and our Corinthians paper due on Friday of next week. Some of us have even more papers to write, since a few are taking classes for credit. Wish us all luck as we are finishing out our time in the building!


Jake & Karina

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