Nothin’ but Pine Needles

Dear reader,

This week is slightly different. As you very well may know or you may not due to the fact that you haven’t heard from your beloved children all week, we’ve been needle raking. Except for the few and mighty, your writers of this blog, Cassie, Kaitlyn, Grant, and Ben. We’ve been housewives all week while the men (or everyone else) go and work (Moms, we have a new respect for you). The four of us have been in the kitchen with Kelsey making meals and snacks for our sweet rakers. Well we’ve made an assortment of food. We got to make the famous trail mix cookies that are literally the best cookies you will ever have, except you won’t because Kelsey only makes them for needle-rakers. We also made brownies today. We have the best job because everyone is excited to see us, because we have snacks for your children. We’re sure needle raking is hard, but housewives (us) have it just as hard. The cooking is constant and the cleaning is non-stop but your children’s tummies are happy and healthy (Ignore the part about cookies and brownies we also eat real food). TODAY WAS GREEK DAY!!!!!! It’s a wonderful day when we eat Greek food, it’s very exciting. Your children are very appreciative of our work; you’ve raised them very well.

Our speaker this week was Randy Alonso. He talked to us about a lot of different things. But the thing the stuck out the most was one question. He gave us one question to ask him which is “Who do you know that I need to know?” Many of us got to ask Randy this question throughout the week and no one left without an answer. Homie knows a lot of people. For example, Jessica Mclarty wants to go into nursing for women who have come out of sex trafficking, so she asked Randy “Who do you know that I need to know?” And sure enough he knew someone with that exact job!!

This week has been different but good. Being in the kitchen has been like having 50 children. Thank you to all the moms everywhere. We love you and respect you. Tomorrow begins women’s retreat and everybody is working… YAY!!!

Lastly we’ve been given two extra days for Philippians and we are all VERY EXCITED!!!

We love you readers, you know you love us XOXO

– The JWI Housewives.


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