Our Last Week (In the Building)

Hello friends and family!

UntitledOn Thursday, we had our last official Pause night. Courtney and her family enjoyed a fun night of pizza and playing the Wii. Olivia had a relaxed night of dinner and games. Cheyanne celebrated Nolan’s and her little Pause sister Tanner’s birthdays’. Emma and her pause family ate dinner and then just sat around and had some good conversation. Everyone had a good time on the last Pause night and we all look forward to hanging out with the pause families over the summer.

On Friday we had our usual Friday life skills class, but this time it was a little different. We were told to lay on the floor of the Great Room as our RD’s played the song “Take a Moment” by Untied Pursuit, fallowed by us spending 30 minutes of alone time. We were able to have a small moment of reflecting on the 7 months that we’ve been up here and what we have taken away from our experiences. It was an awesome moment and a cool time that lead up to the encouragement of taking more time throughout our week and even after on what we want to take away from this year.

This weekend was the Fisherman’s Retreat. The lake is really filling up and they recently put fish into the lake. It was beautiful to watch the boats out on the lake early in the morning, full of men and their sons floating through thick fog and casting out onto glassy water. Having the lake full really makes it feel more like summer.

We are currently in our very last week of Joshua (in the building). That means a lot of papers are due so we are working hard and trying to finish well, along with the finishing of our quilt squares. The quilt lady, Beth, is working tirelessly at putting our creations together to make a beautiful quilt and we cannot wait to see the finished product. All this while being overwhelmed with the anticipation of coming home, especially those of us who are from far away (Olivia says hi to her family, and she is floored to be with them soon). We are also getting excited about working here at Hume this summer. Bob Plouffe came in today to begin to prepare us for what we will be doing after break. We will be moving into summer staff housing after break, where we will room with hundreds of new summer staff members. It’s bittersweet to talk about the summer, because we are entering a new stage of life that will be full of excitement, but it will be sad to not see the ones who we have come to call our family all the time.

Our speaker this week is Trent Lewis. What a funny guy! Rich thought he was the perfect speaker to wrap up the program. Changes and transitions can be difficult and it is nice to have someone begin to talk about walking through that process especially with such a great sense of humor. We are all beginning to really think about what summer and after summer is going to look like.

See you soon!

Courtney, Emma, Cheyanne & Olivia


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