Last Days in the Building (Summer Here We Come!)

Class Photos-1As we sit in the Joshua building today, waiting to go to our Pause Family houses, then onto the Night of Remembrance, the same thing is on all of our minds, but in so many different ways. We walk these halls remembering the great moments, like Matt’s notorious, “Let’s get to know each other better” conversations, or Austin singing gangster rap songs using only a ukulele and a Cajon. We think of amazing speakers and great books. We all remember the fact that we are ragamuffins. We reminisce over the places we have been as a family, Hartland, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, and Israel. We contemplate life together; the good and the bad, and we love each other through it all. We are all preparing to end our academic portion of the program and move on into summer. Some of us aren’t so excited to move into our new summer housing. We are now realizing how fortunate we were to be able to live in such a nice building, with only two people per room with tons of storage space. We may not be so excited for our summer housing but we are excited to start our summer’s work at Hume. We get to put what we’ve learned to practice and we get to start building new community with the 300 summer staffers that come up. We are all excited for this summer and for that graduation date to come. We realize life after Joshua will be difficult, adjustment will be difficult, life in general at times will be difficult, but we look forward to the future with hope, in Christ and the places He has brought us, the friends and family He has provided, and the provision He will provide for our next step.

This week our speaker Trent Lewis talked to us about how we should be transitioning into this next phase of our life. He talked about how we should be applying what we learn and remain teachable. It was great being able to sit through his discussions and listen to basically a format of how our lives should look whether it’s how we are used in the church or how we set up a web of relationships in order to grow from them. He talked to us a lot about what types of mentors we should have and all the other support that we need. He tried to make it evident that we can’t be strong in our faith all by ourselves. He is an amazing speaker and we hope and pray for Arbor Road Church as they continue to help spread Christ’s kingdom. It was cool hearing about how they have recently hired Rich Baker to come on their program as one of their pastors. We are looking forward to the change he will see in his life as well as who will be replacing him in the year to come.

Tonight we are headed over to our Pause families’ house to have our last meal together. After our meal we will all head to Cedar Chapel to celebrate The Night of Remembrance together. At the event we will get to hear about and reminisce on all of our significant events this year. I know that they have a pretty awesome surprise planned for tonight. We will also get to watch the end of the year video that Caleb has been making for us all year. This will include video clips from all of trips. We better bring some tissues! We will all look back together and remember our year. This year has gone by extremely fast and we can’t believe we are already moving out of the building in two days. It has been an amazing year for all us and none of us would change a thing. Thank you to Rich, Jen, and Kelsey as it is their last year. They have done an awesome job and we are so thankful that we got to do Joshua with them as our staff.

Jen and Rich did a final podcast as they take a look back on the years at the Joshua Wilderness Institute! Click here to listen!


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