The Journey Thus Far

The Journey Thus Far-1Baylie, Lindsey, Danny, Chris

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in the mountains of Hume Lake, there lived a group of young people who were preparing to go on a long journey to a land farther away called Israel. The preparation for this endeavor has been long and tedious, never ceasing to tire these poor students and deprive of sleep and other such comforts. Months of preparation have finally brought us to the final days, three to be exact! We have been taking classes, studying, and memorizing the old text, in order to best prepare for the journey, which we now face. It has brought an overwhelming amount of excitement to all that live in the Kingdom of Joshua. For most, this will be the longest journey yet to embark on. The Journey will consist of planes, vans, busses, and many many miles of walking on the same roads our King walked upon.

Two of these daughters of the King are preparing their hearts and their minds for the baptism of their souls and their bodies in the Sea of Galilee. (There are actually more than two people, but Baylie and Lindsey are the two writing this… so yeah.) This has been an exciting addition to their Joshua experience, and something that they get to share with their Joshua brothers and sisters, whom will hold them accountable as they step out of the water and into their roles as princesses of the heavenly kingdom.

Please keep us, and the rest of our fellow Joshua siblings, and also the Joshua staff, in your prayers during this time and as our trip progresses. We know all about the conflicts and touchy situations that are occurring all around the areas we will be visiting. But we know and trust that we will be kept safe during this time, and we know that God is going to show us incredible things while we are there. Continue to keep us in your prayers and know that our safety is important to Israel and our staff and they have taken every precaution in order to keep us out of harms way. (PARENTS: WE WILL BE SAFE! Also we love you.)

The speaker this week, John Cook and his wife Dee are missionary trainers in the Middle East, working to train indigenous people to disciple their communities, and lead local communities to Jesus. His passion for the people of countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and such are unbelievable. The stories he tells are a testimony to God’s faithfulness to the people of Abraham’s line, both Arabic and Jewish alike. As someone who has the Middle East dear to his heart, it is refreshing to hear stories of the amazing things Jesus is doing in a place of the world that is so often viewed as war torn and hopeless. Like Aslan bringing winter to spring, and crushing the hold of the White Witch over his land, I have heard enough to be convinced that God is on the move, in the land He claimed as His own. I pray that in some way the American church will engage and take part in that even more so than ever before one day soon.

We are now down to our third week left in the Joshua building. We started the week off with finishing pine needle raking. On Monday morning we all headed out to the same lot, the steepest hill out of them all, but we conquered it in just under two hours. We were able to get back in time so we could spend some time hanging out in the beautiful weather outside just before lunch. The rest of our free time this week has been spent either working on quilt squares or preparing for Philippians. We started the quilt square process on Monday afternoon and I think that our quilt is going to turn out really well. Making a quilt is something that every Joshua class does and we put some of the top moments of the year on it so that when we come back we can be reminded off all the great times we had at Joshua. We make quilt squares that will remind of us trips, our communities, inside jokes, and big events that happened during our year. For example, one of the quilt squares will be about the rough fire and will probably be something along the lines of “It’s been a rough year…” While coming up with ideas and putting together what we want on the quilt there has definitely been a lot of reminiscing about this year and it is crazy to think that we are almost all done in the building. But first we have to make a stop and go throught Israel. A week from today we will be walking in the Holy Land and we are so ready. Bring it on.


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